Please abide by the following rules. They are designed so all participants will have an opportunity to play and have fun. If referees are not following these rules hand them a copy then respectfully follow whatever decision they make. If they still insist on enforcing different rules quietly follow those rules, then talk to me.

We will follow WIAA boy’s high school rules with the following exceptions,

1. Game time will be 2 – 20 minute running halves. The clock will stop the last two minutes of each half. The clock will stop for time outs. Halftime will be 3 minutes. In case of a tie there will be two-minute overtime. If necessary, sudden death-next basket wins.

2. All games will start on time. The games will start every hour on the hour. There will be 5 minutes warm up between games. (If necessary the time will be deducted from the first half.)

3. Each team will be allowed 2 – 30 second timeouts per half. The first half timeouts do not carry over to the second half. The score keeper will give you a horn or whistle at 20 seconds then again at 30 seconds. After the second horn or whistle the game clock will start.

4. A player can still play with 5 or more fouls. Every foul this player commits after 5 fouls will result in 2 points for the other team plus possession of the ball.

5. A technical foul will result in 2 points for the other team, and possession of the ball, no free throws.

6. Two technical fouls on an individual (coach or player) in a game will result in ejection for the remainder of the season.

7. The officials can end a game if they determine players and/coaches are putting themselves in danger.

8. Referees are asked to be very strict on enforcement of unsportsmanlike conduct. They can issue a technical foul on the bench for the inappropriate behavior or a fan. Everyone has been warned up front. Coaches once you have been given a warning or a technical, regardless of how bad you may feel the officiating, the bench needs to be quiet for the rest of the game. We insist on halving a clean positive atmosphere for young, impressionable, future leaders, to play and develop in.

9. Please make an attempt to play everyone during a game. The intent of the league is to develop players as well as teams. players as well as teams.

10. Concussion Rule: mandated policies for the management of concussions and head injuries as prescribed by HB 1824, section 2, are to be enforced. If a player shows any signs of a concussion, he must not play and is required to get written permission by a physician before returning to play.